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Who buys canadian coins near me

who buys canadian coins near meCoins and Canada - How to sell your coins - Articles on canadian show near you, buy numismatic books or go to your local numismatic store. Canada is right across the border, and the denominations, in many cases, are similar to U.S. coins. Selling Canadian coins can be done through coin shops or​.

Web: www. Most coins and accessories can be purchased through our online catalogue, telephone, fax, or e-mail with a valid credit card Visa and MasterCard accepted.

When paying by credit card, the "ship to" here must be the same as the card's "billing" address for security reasons. NOTE: Our toll-free line is for orders only, general inquiries should be conducted through any of our other contact methods.

Our website framework was designed to assume all items of the same denomination would have a common tax applied but the Royal Canadian Mint has who buys canadian coins near me and created many coins and sets with different source even who buys canadian coins near me the denomination is the same i.


For most items the taxes as shown on the screen will be accurate but there may be some discrepancies. We manually check each order and will ensure you only pay the appropriate taxes.

Who buys canadian coins near me

We apologize for the inconvenience. These shipping rates assume typical orders.

What options are there to "cash-in" Canadian coins in the U.S. ?

Large quantity or heavy packages will result in increased shipping fees, lighter items may be less expensive. No taxes are applicable to pure silver, gold, or platinum bullion. These prices are for packages up to 1 kilogram.

Who buys canadian coins near me

For catalogue items listed as "inquire", "call", or "POR" Price on Requestplease call our toll-free who buys canadian coins near me North America ordering number at for service.

Outside of North America, please call Long distance charges may apply to telephone and fax orders.

Have your credit card information ready card type, name on card, card number, exp. NOTE: If ordering bullion products, please call to make arrangements and complete this Bullion Booking Form read more then fax it to us at to confirm the transaction.

You may also be required to complete a Cash Declaration form.

Where Can I Sell My Canadian Coins?

Check with your booking clerk to be certain. Mail orders can be sent to either our Vancouver headquarters E.

We remind our clients residing in the United States who buys canadian coins near me outside of Canada to apply the correct postage.

Please consult your local post office to avoid needless delay of your mail by applying the read article postage. Either of our two locations would be pleased to have you visit in-person and click your requirements.


Not all your required items may be in stock when you arrive -- some goods may follow by mail -- but most coins and related items can be supplied on the spot. Checks or money orders should be drawn in Canadian Dollars or USA dollars at the appropriate exchange rate.

Optionally, our staff can book an order for you who buys canadian coins near me US funds, and you simply send that amount. Uncertified funds are welcome but subject to bank who buys canadian coins near me href="https://review-tovar.ru/buy/how-to-buy-bitcoin-at-lowest-price.html">cleared how to buy bitcoin at lowest price theme delays of up to four weeks.

Who buys canadian coins near me

Patrons paying with checks drawn outside of North America are requested to telephone us first to confirm details. In-person purchases may be paid by personal check for approved transactions. Please enquire in advance of making your selections and have proper identification ready.

Credit Cards Visa and MasterCard are accepted for all purchases bullion related items cannot be paid for by credit card. Because we verify the statement billing address with the credit here company before making shipment it is imperative that this is the who buys canadian coins near me you provide.

Coin Collectors

Non-North American customers cannot pay with credit cards who buys canadian coins near me we are unable to verify credit information for those who live outside of Canada or the U.

You can also pay directly into one of our bank accounts by contacting one of our clerks for more details. For prices on items not shown in our catalogue, and for those items based on daily rates, please check our daily gold who buys canadian coins near me silver coin price page or call our toll-free order line at from anywhere in North America.

We buy almost everything and pay very competitive prices, including better dates and grades.

What are you interested in?

If you are in Canada, please ship to our primary store at E. Include your name, address, and telephone number with all orders.

Who buys canadian coins near me

For larger collections and estates we will who buys canadian coins near me after confirming a sizeable collection. We https://review-tovar.ru/buy/buy-instagram-followers-cheap-uk.html most Canadian coins, banknotes and tokens, rare or common, junk silver coins, bullion, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, BU rolls, old and modern.

We pay top prices for Canadian.

Who buys canadian coins near me

As one of Canada's largest coin dealers we always require large quantities to meet our huge demand and to fill want lists. If you are selling Canadian please let us make you who buys canadian coins near me offer.

Where Can One Exchange Foreign Currency Coins?

You will be completely satisfied with our service and will probably receive more than you expect for your coins. NOTE: If selling or buying bullion products, please call to make arrangements and complete this Bullion Booking Form and then fax it who buys canadian coins near me us at or e-mail it to the address provided by your clerk to confirm the transaction.

Who buys canadian coins near me

There is no cancellation policy. To return or exchange goods, kindly send us an e-mail or call to let us know you want to return something and then send it back in the exact condition it was shipped all packaging, buy td ameritrade, certificates along with a copy of your invoice and, once received, we will follow your instructions and either replace the unsatisfactory item with another or who buys canadian coins near me will issue a refund.

If your original purchase was made by credit card, we will refund the money to your card. If the purchase was by cheque, we will issue a cheque for the refund.

Canadian Currency: Learn about Canadian Money! Banknotes and Coins! 🇨🇦 カナダの通貨:カナダのお金について学ぶ。紙幣と硬貨。💰

Shipments received are usually processed within 24 hours. There are no hidden fees. We buy, sell and trade. Make us an offer.

Who buys canadian coins near me

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