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List of ec islands

list of ec islandsIslands, Montenegro, Nauru, Niue, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Vietnam. Removed from the grey list. 9 jurisdictions. 32 jurisdictions. Black list. 62 jurisdictions. Black list (Annex I). Grey list (Annex II). Bahrain, Marshall Islands, Saint Lucia. Turks and Caicos Islands: ongoing review.

List of ec islands

At list of ec list of ec islands 35th meeting of the List click ec islands in Anguilla in Januarythe main elements of an economic union implementation project were endorsed.

The project was expected to be implemented over a two-year period with seven of the nine OECS member states i.

Kitts and NevisSt.

List of ec islands

Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines participating in the economic union initiative.

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The remaining two member states, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islandswould not have participated immediately, but would list of ec islands visit here page time to consider the issue further.

This technical committee was inaugurated on May 4, and began designing the draft Treaty.

List of ec islands

Kitts on June 21, This body, it was felt, was list of ec islands to act as a legislative filter to the Authority in its law making capacity. The presentation of the Treaty at the Meeting was followed by the signing of a Declaration of Read more to implement the Treaty by the Heads of List of ec islands or their representatives except that of the British Virgin Islands.

It was agreed in the Declaration, that implementation of the Treaty would occur only after a year of public consultation, through a mass national and regional education programme with strong political leadership and direction.

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According to the Declaration, the Treaty was to be signed, and the Https://review-tovar.ru/address/gold-forum-kitco.html Union was to be established by July 1, Vincent and the Grenadines January 12,St.

Lucia's Prime Minister, Dr.

List of ec islands

Kenny Anthony, who also called on Anguilla to join the Economic Union to complement its membership of the Currency Union.

The regional central bank oversees financial and banking integrity for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States economic bloc of states.

List of ec islands

Part of the bank's oversight lends to maintaining the financial integrity of the East Caribbean dollar XCD. All other members belong to the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. The unit is based in the island of Barbados and receives funding and training from various countries including the United StatesCanada and the List of ec islands Republic of China.

List of ec islands

Pharmaceutical Procurement Service[ edit ] The Pharmaceutical Procurement Service, also known as the Eastern Caribbean Drug Service, procures medicines and allied health equipment on behalf of the member States.

It has list of ec islands item product portfolio based on the regional formulary.

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