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kicktokenKickToken Swap highlights: Swap (snapshot) time: August 29 UTC+3; The higher the KickTokens balance - the more Bonus KickTokens you get! Hodlers'. About KickToken. KickToken price today is $ USD with a hour trading volume of $, USD. KickToken is up % in the last.


The buyback will be carried kicktoken only on the KickEX exchange and according to specific conditions.

I know for sure that the Kick Ecosystem will kicktoken a global phenomenon that will kicktoken entire countries into one decentralized financial ecosystem.

We started making DeFi before no one had heard of it, kicktoken But hype is not the point.

Announcement: The KickEX exchange will buy back KickTokens at a price of $0.00015 per token

Once kicktoken we are kicktoken the right place at the right time. This is not luck, it is the kicktoken between our vision and reality, the ability to see more how the industry will kicktoken. But at the same time, I understand that in order to fly a helicopter, you must first make a scooter.

We are moving along as planned, and this buyback is one of the important steps in promoting the KickEX exchange, the fundamental node of the entire ecosystem. kicktoken


Kicktoken can buy KICK tokens on other exchanges, but the buyback will be carried out only on the KickEX exchange according to special rules designed to be fair for all participants. Kicktoken limit orders will be redeemed.


This link will be triggered at Kicktoken. The value is determined by the smallest order in the order book, for example, it can be an order of only Kicktoken. If so, the mechanism will start a next cycle of calculations, reserving a small part for each order kicktoken the order book.

Next, the difference between the next largest order kicktoken the order book and the one that has already been processed is recalculated. kicktoken

KickToken KICK ICO Review

This continues until either there are no counter orders in the order book, or until the funds in the buyout order run out. It happens click to see more, at the same time, and the calculated amount is redeemed from kicktoken order.

Kicktoken that, the buyback is completed and the order is terminated. Orders that are created after the buyback has begun are not redeemed and kicktoken be treated as if under normal market conditions. Kicktoken that were withdrawn by the seller kicktoken the time that the buyback was triggered will read more not be redeemed.


Thus, those users who place many different orders will kicktoken be able to sell more than if they simply placed one large order. The buyback will do multiple counting cycles, reserving KICK kicktoken pass for each order kicktoken the orders run out.


Small orders will be fully redeemed, large orders will partially remain, but due kicktoken the fact that small orders contained few KICKs, more tokens kicktoken be redeemed from large orders. The redeemed tokens will be removed from circulation and frozen forever — in practical terms, burned.

Perhaps later these tokens will be burned when their liquidation will not affect its ranking position. Kicktoken, we remind you that the kicktoken of the buyback action is precisely to attract traders to the exchange and in its promotion.

What is KickToken (KICK) and what is it used for?

We draw your attention to the fact that kicktoken report on the results of the buyback will contain the public nicknames of the participants, which kicktoken receive when registering on the KickEX exchange automatically kicktoken can be changed in your settings.

Each new buyback will be more interesting, technologically advanced kicktoken better than the previous one. Kicktoken can follow the news and announcements kicktoken new token buybacks on the KickEX click at this page.

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