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Generate qr code for bitcoin address

Finally, download your free custom. Simple Bitcoin QR code generator tool that allows you to generate QR codes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies sending or receiving addresses.

Although private keys can also be displayed as QR codes for paper wallets as well.

Bitcoin QR Code Generator

QR codes make it generate qr code for bitcoin address for users on mobile devices to send BTC, XCP, generate qr code for bitcoin address user-created assets to your address by using the built-in camera of their device.

It is also a great way to display a Bitcoin address on a poster or sign. Someone passing by will only need a camera or phone with a camera even generate qr code for bitcoin address resolution will do in order link save your address for later payment.

And if they have a Bitcoin wallet on their device, they will be able to send money immediately. In Counterwallet, the QR codes always represent your public address.

QR Code Scanning

You can make the QR code of an address public, just as you would with the regular address. To display the Generate qr code for bitcoin address code for your address, simply just click for source address actions.

Then click Show QR Code. You can then right-click and save the QR code image for printing, or later use. It is also possible to scale the QR code to a larger size, as long as click here preserve the ratio between width and height so that it stays a perfect square.

Always leave a white border around the QR code so that it can be scanned correctly.

How to Accept Bitcoin by Printing QR Code

Also make sure that you preserve the contrast of colors: black QR here a white background.

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Bitcoin wallet qr generator

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