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Ambazonia flag

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Ambazonia flag

Since November, the anglophone minority ambazonia flag been protesting against alleged discrimination.

The government deployed security forces at the weekend in Ambazonia flag regions, notably Buea in ambazonia flag southwest and Bamenda, the main town in the northwest and a hub of anglophone agitation.

Ambazonia flag

Several people were admitted to hospital in Bamenda Sunday after clashes between demonstrators and police, according to a medical source. Also in Kumbo, ambazonia flag prison inmates source shot and killed trying to escape while security forces were mobilised for the deployments in anglophone regions, a source close to regional authorities said.

A young man was shot dead ambazonia flag security forces on Saturday see more the southwest town of Kumba, ambazonia flag as a rebellious city since the start of the protests, sparking clashes ambazonia flag security forces read article the local population.

A demonstrator was killed by soldiers when he tried to hoist flag of the Ambazonia separatist movement over the chief's palace.

Ambazonia flag

The incident was confirmed by a security source ambazonia flag several local residents contacted by phone. The crisis provoked by the protests, which was exacerbated at ambazonia flag start of when internet access was cut for three months, has intensified in click https://review-tovar.ru/address/qr-code-btc-address.html with the push to symbolically proclaim independence of the English-speaking regions.

Ambazonia flag

Internet access has been disrupted since Friday, according to an AFP journalist, despite government assurances that there ambazonia flag ambazonia flag ambazonia ambazonia flag cutting of access in the anglophone areas.

The legacy dates back towhen a read article British entity, Southern Cameroons, united with Cameroon after its independence from France in Most anglophone campaigners want the country to resume a federalist system — an approach that ambazonia flag the unification but was later scrapped in favour of a centralised government run ambazonia flag the capital Yaounde.

A hardline minority is calling ambazonia flag secession. President Biya opposes any such changes.

Ambazonia flag

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