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Theta mainnet block explorer

theta mainnet block explorerReference implementation of the Theta Blockchain Ledger Protocol. Go 30 · theta-protocol-delivery- Documents and demos to facilitate Theta mainnet integration. 18 7 · theta-infrastructure-ledger-explorer. Explorer for the Theta Ledger. Explorer API: The Explorer API reference lists the APIs provided by the Theta Explorer. Configuration: The configuration guide provides details on the configuration.

A quick theta mainnet block explorer of the prototype Explorer Inspiration I love the Theta project and want more developers to have access to the goods!

Theta mainnet block explorer

The Explorer will provide an additional theta mainnet block explorer for tokens holders to track their coins. The Explorer will also eventually include several features that aren't available on the official Theta Blockchain Explorer.

My tools will hopefully take some of the stress off of the Theta Labs team so any outages to their tools aren't a major event.

Theta mainnet block explorer

These applications are all working, but are in the first phase of development. How I built it I had to build out quite a bit of architecture to get these applications working. There is also a SQL Server up and running on the backend that theta mainnet block explorer power all sorts of blockchain statistics as well as some upcoming Explorer features.

Theta mainnet block explorer

Challenges I ran into This was my first project that touched on syncing up to a blockchain and not just querying it from an API. I had to do a lot of learning and troubleshooting in theta mainnet block explorer Unbuntu environment as I am more of a Windows developer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud theta mainnet block explorer I am proud to provide a set of tools for other devs to use in order to start getting involved in theta mainnet block explorer.

Theta Token staking and unstaking (GPool/your own node). Plus Theta blockchain tools I use!!

I am going to be providing help with the API as well as readonly credentials to the database so each dev doesn't have to go through all the steps of setting up a node and building theta mainnet block explorer scratch. I will make changes to the API and Theta mainnet block explorer as developers request changes.

Theta mainnet block explorer

What I learned unbuntu, mongoDB, nodejs, how much I dislike Linux, and a ton of things about blockchain dev. Also, Jieyi and T. Zang are freaking rockstars for their help.

Theta mainnet block explorer

The sync started from a specific block height. This will allow devs to get real-time mainnet data and perform readonly theta mainnet block explorer against the data Theta mainnet block explorer documentation and provide samples for developers to get started API Add several key theta mainnet block explorer regarding staking nodes, stats, etc Improve documentation and provide easy to understand examples Implement an alert system in case of a system outage to the API or Explorer Theta Explorer Big fixes theta mainnet block explorer the implementation of the API Make it mobile-friendly responsive Add more links and more information theta mainnet block explorer the Explorer Provide a way for the community to provide feedback and submit are bitcoin check account balance not and improvements Include staking information on the wallet details Adding the "ThetaTracker Marketplace" which will be a bts old twitter accounts to purchase badges and skins for the Explorer.

USers how to start a coin shop be able to buy little fun icons that will theta mainnet block explorer assigned to their wallets or another user's wallet using TFuel.

Theta mainnet block explorer

Better error handling Better documentation Most importantly - I'm going to keep making improvements and responding to the community. This community is awesome!!

Theta mainnet block explorer

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