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How to delete my coinbase account

how to delete my coinbase account16 votes, 11 comments. So I've had a coinbase account for several years that I simply never used. I just tried to delete it yet I am unable to do . review-tovar.ru › Home › Tech.

Coinbase announced its acquisition of Neutrinoa startup that traces cryptocurrency transactions, last week.

How to delete my coinbase account

The acquisition was met with widespread condemnation in the cryptocurrency community, which kicked off a hashtag— DeleteCoinbase —aimed at fomenting a groundswell of account closures in protest.

Some DeleteCoinbase participants were met with roadblocks when trying to close how to delete my coinbase account Coinbase accounts, however, and are now helping each other move off of Coinbase.

To close a Coinbase account, you have to have a balance of zero.

How to delete my coinbase account

According to a Coinbase spokesperson, the minimums are in place to ensure the fees incurred when sending money over the blockchain are covered. To get around this limitation, users are sending their dust to other Coinbase users before closing their accounts.

How to delete my coinbase account

To expedite this process, independent developer and Bitcoin enthusiast Udi Wertheimer started the tongue-in-cheek hashtag DeleteCoinbaseTrustChain. The hashtag is a play on the recent Lightnight Network trust chain, in which cryptocurrency enthusiasts passed along a bit of cryptocurrency on the Lightning Network and tweeted about it like a kind of modern chain letter.

The How to delete my coinbase account, on the other hand, comprises a chain how to delete my coinbase account people passing their dust along in order to close their accounts in succession.

How to delete my coinbase account

I don't know if this can happen, so the alternative is that people read article least know about 16 old paypal account and get to decide for themselves.

Some users are reporting how to delete my coinbase account closing their Coinbase accounts even after transferring all of the dust out. Coinbase spokespeople were not immediately available to comment on this problem.

How to delete my coinbase account

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