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Uipath devcon 2020

uipath devcon 2020Today, we're excited to announce UiPath DevCon, our first fully virtual global conference for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developers. Watch us present a keynote, join a panel, or contribute to the community at these virtual events. Upcoming events. October 14, , ATEA Community.

Our Top 5 Takeaways from UiPath DevCon 2020

The conference drew nearly 19, RPA developers and solution architects who gathered to expand uipath devcon 2020 knowledge during technical sessions led by Uipath devcon 2020 product managers, developers, practitioners, and experts from the UiPath customer and partner community.

This team built a bot that frees teachers of paperwork while also uipath devcon 2020 the assessment process.

Uipath devcon 2020

It https://review-tovar.ru/2020/1-16-economy-plugin.html the process of uipath devcon 2020 descriptive, free text or scanned copies of answers given by students in an exam, extracts the data from them, automatically evaluates the answers, automatically scores the answers, automatically creates report cards, and emails them to the student or the parent.

And, all this occurs while the teacher has full control over the process. Second Place — Team RAYS Nisarg Kadam, Shrippad Mhaddalkar : By enhancing the customer experience through near real-time feedback, businesses are able to increase customer satisfaction scores and boost loyalty.

DevCon 2020 – RPA Developer Conference

This team built a bot that extracts handwritten feedback for uipath devcon 2020 devcon 2020 auto-service center and provides sentiment analysis for the feedback more info. This team click out a platform to capture relevant data with StudioX and has automated the manual process involved to provide recommendations on which customer to be uipath uipath devcon 2020 2020 next.

Uipath devcon 2020 automation increases speed in converting potential new leads and makes recommendations for lead acquisition faster and easier.

Uipath devcon 2020

Most Innovative — Team Uipath devcon 2020 Diviners Sudhir Seth, Manoj Batra, Ishmeet Bindra, Sheetal Bhat : With so many options choosing a rewards credit card, this team tackled the problem of why people do not take advantage of credit card reward points.

They created a bot that uipath devcon 2020 personalized voucher recommendations to the customer, automatically predicts the next shopping category of customer, and recommends a voucher based on their needs.

Most useful new features in Cloud Orchestrator in 2020

All award winners will receive cash prizes and have a featured blog post of their winning hack on the UiPath Community Blog. To stay posted on more hackathons for the future, please visit communityevents.

Uipath devcon 2020

About UiPath UiPath has read more vision to deliver A Uipath devcon 2020 for Every Person, one where companies enable every employee to use, create, and benefit from the transformative power of automation to liberate the boundless potential of people.

Only UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for hyperautomation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation RPA solution uipath devcon 2020 a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to scale digital business operations at unprecedented speed.

Uipath devcon 2020

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