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Bitcoin price usd march 2020

bitcoin price usd march 2020Date, Open, High, Low, Close*, Adj Close**, Volume. Oct 30, , 13,, 13,, 13,, 13,, 13,, 60,,, Oct 29, Year Bitcoin/United States dollar (BTC/USD) rates history, splited by BTC/​USD (Bitcoin/United States dollar) Mar () exchange rate history.

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The statement conflicted with reports that indicated price manipulation by traders holding a higher quantity of bitcoin tokens. In Marchthe price of bitcoin bitcoin price usd march 2020 crashed by more than 60 percent within just 24 hours. On-chain data analysis portal CryptoQuant article source reported that whales were depositing Bitcoin into cryptocurrency exchanges en masse at least four days before the March crash.

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Bitcoin price usd march 2020

The higher capital inflow coincided with major downside moves in the Bitcoin spot 2020 bitcoin price usd march 2020 mining. That eventually transpired into a 60 percent crash by March bitcoin price usd march 2020 The Virus Did It PlanB differed from views that supported the theory of whale manipulation behind the Bitcoin price usd march 2020 price crash.

Instead, the analyst said the cryptocurrency fell under the pressure of a global market rout caused by lockdowns to contain the spread of a pandemic.

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The most popular theory points bitcoin price usd march 2020 investors with exposure in both equities and cryptocurrency markets selling their holdings to raise cash. It may not bitcoin price usd march 2020 an orchestrated move but a mere reaction to the worsening macroeconomic outlook.

The analyst noted that the cryptocurrency plunged by 38 percent in November against the backdrop of the U. Bitcoin price chart on TradingView.

Current Bitcoin Price - March 16th 2020

Source: PlanB, TradingView. Traders perceived the event as bearish for Bitcoin and sold bitcoin price usd march 2020 to raise cash.

PlanB last week said that both the markets could rise in tandem as long as the Fed keeps supporting the economy with its expansionary policy.

Bitcoin price usd march 2020

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