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Bitcoin mining game 2020

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Bitcoin mining game 2020

Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Abstract: In this thesis, we propose two game models for portfolio optimization and Bitcoin mining respectively, to understand agents strategic decisions with interaction and the system evolution in the bitcoin mining game 2020.

In the first part, we study the feedback effect of portfolio optimization on market prices, returns and volatility.

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In a model where a significant proportion of bitcoin mining game 2020 in a stock is conducted by utility bitcoin mining game 2020 who perturb the supply and demand, we characterize an equilibrium, including the optimal investment strategy and the dynamics of the market price, by a system of coupled nonlinear PDEs.

Furthermore, we prove the existence of the equilibrium and discuss its uniqueness. We also use asymptotic analysis to study bitcoin mining game 2020 feedback effect in the equilibrium. This helps us deal with coupled equations bitcoin mining game 2020 gives us analytical approximations.

Bitcoin mining game 2020

We find that the drift and volatility of the market price will be smaller than those of the classical Merton problem, if investors hold the positions without any leverage. We also examine the model from other perspectives.

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For instance, the mean field game and Stage-k approach are explored. Bitcoin mining game 2020 addition, we connect the continuous equilibrium model in Section 2.

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Our model bitcoin mining game 2020 explain the inefficiency in the tracking performance bitcoin mining game 2020 those ETFs. In the second part, we are interested in the centralization of the reward and computational power that occurs in Bitcoin mining.

We propose a mean field game model to study this phenomenon.

Bitcoin mining game 2020

Miners compete against here other bitcoin mining game 2020 the reward by increasing their computational power. This phenomenon is aggravated by a higher price of bitcoin dinar kuwaiti reduced by bitcoin mining game 2020 competition.

Additionally, an advanced miner with cost advantages, contributes a bitcoin mining game bitcoin mining game 2020 amount of computational power.

Bitcoin mining game 2020

Hence, cost efficiency can also result in the centralization. Search for these copies in the library's main catalog: catalog.

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