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Aeon hashvault

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Aeon Mining Pool

Currently, the community is working on a rebase effort, which will implement features of the newest version of Monero. This guide will bring you through the process of obtaining a aeon hashvault, compiling XMRig, and doing the actual mining. Beginners to the currency aeon hashvault Aeon Pocket because it's so simple and free as in aeon hashvault href="https://review-tovar.ru/2020/amazon-promo-code-august-2020.html">https://review-tovar.ru/2020/amazon-promo-code-august-2020.html softwarejust be sure to write down your private aeon hashvault.

Download XMRig Download aeon hashvault unzip the latest win64 release from this page.

How to Mine Aeon: Complete Beginner’s Guide

aeon hashvault Make a note of the location where you unzipped it, if you don't know what the link is, it's probably your Downloads folder. Type cd Downloads and you should aeon hashvault be in the same directory as XMRig.

Aeon hashvault

aeon hashvault To check, see if XMRig. If so, running xmrig. Mac OS X 1. Install Homebrew Homebrew is a Mac package management system, essentially this software enables you to easily install and update large amounts of aeon hashvault with one command.

Aeon hashvault

To install Homebrew open Terminal by pressing Command and Shift simultaneously, typing "Terminal", and aeon hashvault enter. Should you get any password prompts type in your password and press enter. Compile XMRig Copy and paste the following text into your terminal.

Aeon hashvault

This may take a while depending aeon hashvault your setup, it's aeon hashvault the software from source. Try running.

Aeon hashvault

If so, you may now move to the next section. Pick A Aeon hashvault Pool Check aeonpools. Config This web page 1. Download Default Config Download this config and put it aeon hashvault your XMRig working directory if you don't know what this is, just save it in the XMRig folder that has been made.

Aeon hashvault

You're going to aeon hashvault hashvault to familiarize yourself with this config, it's how you can customize the features of Aeon hashvault.

I also changed donate-level to the minimum value, 1.

Aeon hashvault

If you're using Hash Vault aeon hashvault may also want to set a password for the webpanel. Aeon hashvault may now aeon hashvault back to your original terminal, type "xmrig.

If you get these you did it correctly. Now, open aeon.

How-to: Mining with Nvidia graphics cards - XMR Stak - Hashvault

Fill in your payment address with what useris set to and your password as your email. If all goes well you should see your live hashrate in the aeon hashvault header.


You're now all setup, happy mining!

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