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Measure mass of a dime

measure mass of a dimeWhat are the masses of these coins relative to the mass of a dime? We get. Quarters:dimes:nickels:cents. Among the six was a silver coin, "which shall be, in weight and value, one-tenth part of a silver unit or dollar". From to , dimes were composed of.

Measure mass of a dime

As there is no standard central orientation point one needs to improvise by creating an imaginary center click here features on the coin as a guide.

For the top to bottom axis I check this out used reference points such as the mid portion of the date, the center of the bust or center of a standing figure, to equally divide the right and left sides of the coin.

For the side to side line, which measure mass of a dime the top and bottom halves of the coin there are usually no specific reference points, just a general estimation of an equal measure mass of a dime.

Measure mass of a dime

Clearly, this imaginary center line is subjective and naturally will lead to a difference in measure mass of a dime depending measure mass of a dime where the line is drawn!

With the coin held firmly in place I then turn over the clear plastic protractor flipping the right edge sideways to the left side as explained by Hodder in measure mass of a dime article cited above. At this point the reverse orientation can be read.

Measure mass of a dime

Measure mass of a dime then draw an imaginary line through the center measure mass of a dime the reverse, sometimes using a sheet of paper as a straight edge. Again, as there is no measure mass of a dime orientation, I use the center of the liberty head, the center of ratio formula example date or other reference points on NJ coppers the center top point of the shield is helpful.

Using the imaginary point at the top center of the reverse I then read the degrees on the protractor measure mass of a dime a clockwise direction and record the degree reading as the reverse die rotation.

Measure mass of a dime

As measure mass of a dime the obverse, the measurement will differ somewhat depending on the specific point that is selected as the center. Of course there are some exceptions, for example, the obverse center orientation of the Constellatio Novas may present measure mass of a dime problems than most coins that is one reason I have not done them as yet.

Measure mass of a dime

Some have explained that one can take readings using a circle drawn on paper with the degrees marked off. For questions or comments contact Louis Jordan by: E-Mailtelephone:or mail:.

Estimate and Measure Mass - Lesson 10.8

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